The Benefits of Weight Training Applied to Running

Get Stronger and Run Faster!

Shoe With Desert Running Weights - Increase Fitness A single running weight - run faster

Desert Running Weights help equalize leg strength.
Equal leg strength promotes equal strides.
They also help develop a long powerful stride.

Trail running on sand provided the inspiration for Desert Running Weights!

Desert Running Weights tone and strengthen lower leg muscles and provide a better workout, by turning your running shoes or sneakers or walking shoes into a weighted training shoe. This improves the result of your run because it increases the resistance for every step while walking or running.

The way these weights fasten to your shoe means that there will be no slipping of weights and therefore no readjusting needed.  Once you put them on, you can run and jump while the weights stay in place.  Desert Running Weights provide the same effects that ankle weights provide, but with a superior system utilizing less weight and a more stream-lined workout.

Most walking experts and coaches agree that adding heavy weights at the ankle or foot may increase the risk of strain and injury. That’s why Desert Running Weights have been carefully designed and created as a low weight yet safe and effective addition to your exercise routine.

Desert Running Weights fit all shoe sizes. Adjustable from 15 to 60 grams per foot, a complete set of 8 weights is 120 grams or 4.23 ounces.

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